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Words of experience

From time to time we have had enquiries from customers who feel that they have run out of water prematurely. Often times, although not always, the culprit has been an undiscovered leak. If you suspect that you have a leak listen out for the pump turning off and on when you know the water is not being used. Old concrete tanks are notorious for almost undetectable leaks – the best test is turn your pump off at night after everyone has finished using the water and measure the level in your tank with a stick or other suitable instrument. In the morning measure the level again before you turn the pump on and see if the level has dropped.

If you do suspect a leak we recommend contacting Lachlan or Jenny of H20 Tank Doctor on 5545 3693

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“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Jacaranda flowers make your tank smell like poo”

While Jacaranda trees have a beautiful purple bloom and are a common feature on the mountain they are an enemy to your water tank. Be aware of Jacaranda flowers falling in your gutter and washing into your tank.

These seemingly harmless little flowers transform into sodden little monsters when mixed with water and the subsequent eyewatering odours occur in a surprisingly short period of time, namely a day or two within contamination. Trimming overhanging trees and first flush systems are just two of the things you can do to avoid this nasty surprise.

Most important of all

If you find that you have inadvertently run out of water the first thing to do is to turn off your pump. Some pumps will turn off automatically, but others will keep running until they burn out and need replacing. Also bear in mind that after the water has been delivered some pumps simply need resetting by the push of a button but others may need bleeding and priming. Although we will do our best to get your water reconnected we do not guarantee that we can reprime a pump as this is not our area of expertise so if necessary we will refer you to a pump specialist such as Mountain Pumps on 5545 0555

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